Bio and Background

I am the co-production of a Dutch-German couple. In my early years I grew up in the United Arab Emirates, and in my teens I returned to The Netherlands. My childhood inspired me to study Arabic Language and Culture in Amsterdam. And I stayed there ever since.

With a family background in civil engineering and social work I was inspired to build bridges between people. My passion is to connect the Islamic world with Europe, enriching the cultural diversity. Connecting people by changing perspectives within a whole range of organisations, that makes a difference to me.

The connection between my work fields:

bridging continents, connecting people
changing perspectives, awareness in motion

Facilitator – facilitate change in organisations and teams – help finding answers with emphasis on local ownership and shared responsibility – create common ground and stimulate dialogue in fast changing environments – enable self-reflection within team.

Trainer & Coach – what drives people? – make clients aware of attitudes, behaviours and motivations – inner strengths – skilled listener – stimulate people to jump into action – mirror to client.

Writer – socio-economic, cultural and political domains – human side of a story – highlight similarities between developments – give context – open to fresh perspectives and innovative ideas – what drives people?

CONNECTING HEAD AND BODY – I am a certified Teacher of in the yoga style Critical Alignment Yoga. Technique, breathing and movement are tools to achieve inner strength, energy and tranquillity. Moving within the limitations of the body to move more freely. Human mind is influenced by postures of the body.

Currently I am being trained to become a Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE) Provider. A practical tool to help people to release tension from the body on a deep level.