Change Management

Contributing to processes of change within organizations, companies or societies brings out the best in me. Assignments have included organization development, team building and social issues and questions. Facilitating change through exchange, participation and social innovation, that is my strength.

My services
thumb_IMG_8695_1024My assignments bring me to the Middle East and North Africa, yet I also work with diverse groups in the Netherlands or Europe. In the case of medium or large-scale interventions with multiple stakeholders I facilitate to bring parties together and find common ground. The more diverse the groups are that need to get connected, the bigger the challenge and the satisfaction.

Assessment and analysis into clients’ needs is always the start of the process. Assignments differ: a client set a specific goal for a team to find a solution for, and I facilitate part of the process. On other occasions my responsibility is to design the whole process in consultation with the client, and also execute the facilitation process.

• design of learning trajectory or process of change
• re-energize employees after a reorganisation
• enhance team cooperation or organisation development
• explore team or company values
• set strategic goals for further development
• design and execute of monitoring and evaluation processes

My work methods are interactive and participatory. These bottom-up work methods have proven to be effective and productive. Above all, they are incredibly energizing for the participants. Among the characteristics: establish common ground, finding future perspectives, guarantee local ownership, foster shared responsibility among multiple stakeholders, reinforce social cohesion and foster dialogue.

Gender-based violence in Libya

In 2014 and 2015 I worked as facilitatorIMG_3787_1024 and trainer of two Libyan grassroots women organisations that support female victims of violence inside Libya. I accompanied them with the development of their organisations, the process of team building and the professional development of the staff.
Both organisations are reporting centres for domestic and sexual violence, where victims of gender-based violence can receive psychosocial and legal support. The Tripoli-based organisation also established the country’s first Hotline for psychosocial support for women, thus reaching out to many women unable to visit the center.

It is an enriching experience to work on the implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security (UNSCR 1325) in practice. It is rewarding to see how both organisations have been able to develop and grow. We worked in Libya, Tunisia, Jordan and Egypt.