How can I help?

In their processes of change and development I help organisations and teams, and enable them to set goals for the future. I train medium-sized groups on effective communication, media psychology, personal leadership and cross-cultural sensitivity, and I do coaching sessions. I am connected to several Dutch universities for lecturing.

15 Years in journalism, radio broadcasting and strategic communication projects in the Netherlands and in the Middle East and North Africa. Many publications (majority in Dutch) are in national daily, weekly and monthly newspapers and magazines.
I published several Dutch books on Africa’s last colony, the conflict on the Western Sahara (2004) and on Libya (2007). Also I am principal author of books on Oman, Israel and Palestine, Morocco, Egypt and Mali.

• Extensive experience training and coaching international and cross-cultural teams
• 15 years dealing with domains of international relations, gender, inclusivity and cultural diversity
• Change management in organisation and team development with interactive and creative work methods
• Training in higher education in domains effective communication, media and journalism and personal leadership
• Coaching in cross-cultural sensitivity as as part of an on-boarding process for corporate clients
• Writing and research in the field of higher education and analysis of country and regional developments in the Middle East and North Africa