Written press

In my journalistic career my work got published in major national Dutch daily newspapers, weekly and monthly magazines. I mainly reported on socio-political and economic developments in the Middle East and North Africa, as well as on the developments within the Dutch multicultural society. I have always tried to present the human being behind the story, and to find common fields in order
to connect in a non-judgmental way that creates awareness.


Besides written press I have worked for many radiobroadcasting stations on daily news programs for NOS, NCRV, VARA, Radio Netherlands Worldwide and RVU.


In my journalistic career I have also published and researched many topics that resulted in printed books (in Dutch).

In 2007 I wrote the country profile book Libya for the Royal Dutch Tropical Institute. In 2004 my book Africa’s last colony, a journey into Western Sahara on the conflict on the Western Sahara between Morocco and liberation movement Polisario got published.

Besides these I have composed, edited and written many editions in the series of Te gast in (to be a guest in) on Israel/Palestine (2010), Oman (2009), Morocco (2013, 2008, 2002), Egypt (2004, 2003) and Mali (1998).

You will find a selection in Dutch here.


I have worked on communication strategy projects, and have published booklets about multicultural competencies, integration of refugees and media development within organisations.

You will find a selection in Dutch and English here.