Diversity and Identity

These masterclasses help to stimulate exchange, to search for connecting elements and to overcome cultural differences. By getting to know each other’s cultures in a non-judgmental way, one can connect to the other on a deeper level. The masterclasses can be customised to have the best possible matches with clients’ and participants’ wishes. The interactive and participatory way of working brings insights that are so practical that you can apply them immediately.


power diversityDo you recognize this? “We have relatively many students at school with an Islamic background, and sometimes we do not know how to deal with it.” Or: “We have interns at work with a different cultural background, and it does not seem to correspond. Why so?”

In schools, educational institutions and universities, students and teachers come together from different cultural and religious backgrounds. Friction occurs, yet this doesn’t have to be. It is a fact that this period of time requires a different approach and awareness in dealing with cultural differences. How to get closer to each other? How do we deal with each other at school? And how we relate to current developments, nationally and internationally?

The Power of Non-Identity – Breaking Stereotypes

Flyer Non-IdentityHow important is our identity to us? What are the building blocks of our identity as it is? Which identities do we have? And what happens when we let go of it?

For an international audience we developed the training The Power of Non-Identity. This training was originally given in the context of the multi-day conference ‘Breaking the Stereotypes’ under the umbrella of Istanbul Cultural Capital of Europe in 2010.

In this masterclass participants experience and perceive how the concept of diversity may differ per country. Our target audience is international, made up of several nationalities. The aim is to break stereotypical thinking on the concept of Identity. We invite people to change perspectives by looking at the contrary, the concept of non-Identity.

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Muslims in Company

In the last 20 years the composition of the Dutch population has changed at a rapid pace. Our country already has one million Muslims, a group of potential employees for your company. Unfortunately, not all companies responded well to these demographic changes. Muslims in Company provides you insight into recent social developments and image building around Muslims.

This master class is for multicultural high potentials and companies. In practice, both innovative employers and this talented group have the need to bring out the best in each other. Muslims in Company provides insight into the tensions between diversity and identity, and responds to current social developments. The master class provides both companies and high potentials to respond more easily to a rapidly changing market. A win win situation.

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