Writing & Research

As an Arabist I offer ‘clarity, context and fresh perspectives’ to the changing circumstances in the region. In 15 years of journalism and media I published in Dutch and European daily’s, weekly’s and monthly magazines and participated in international conferences. Storytelling presents us the human beings behind a narrative. You will find a small selection here.

Wwriting-researchorking in communication, it is important to realize what the story is you want to tell. Why do you what to tell your story, why does it need to be heard and what is the intention behind it? Which medium is the best possible way, words do you use, and can readers or users grasp the nuances and is there enough content or context? What goal do you wish to achieve?

So many persons, so many views on the world, so much inspiration for stories. My pleasure has always been presenting perspectives and angles off the beaten track. Storytelling is an essential part of life, it presents us the human beings behind a narrative.

My services
I have work experience in short term and long term projects in Europe and in the Middle East and North Africa. My experience includes project management, communication strategy, monitoring and evaluation and inception missions.

• Organize a brainstorm for inception and design of a new initiative, website or project
• Conduct inception mission to explore a potential project in the EU, the Middle East and North Africa
• Conducting field and literature research within the context of a broader project theme
• Writing a accessible publication on the outcomes of a scientific report
• Writing articles (interviews, background reports or analysis)
• Writing constructive report and project proposals
• Re-profiling the media strategy of an organisation or institute

Previous work

From 2011 to 2013 I was Member of the Steering Committee of the 3 year-project ‘Education is a conversation’ for Stichting Bevordering Maatschappelijke Participatie (BMP). I also conducted research on the pedagogical developments in Morocco. The aim was to inspire the Dutch debate on education and the contribution to this debate of parents with a migration background, and learn from initiatives in countries of origin like Morocco, Turkey and Surinam.
It provided refreshing insights. For instance Morocco has a School for Parents, as an enlightened psychiatrist considered it a lack in society that parenthood is the only profession not requiring any professional education or skills.

In 2010 the Education Center of the Free University commissioned me to write a public book of the scientific report ‘Multicultural competencies’, which focuses on multicultural competencies for academic staff and professors.

In 2008-2009 I advised on establishing the website on multicultural craftsmanship commissioned by the Regional Alliance of Teachers’ Institutes of North Holland and South Flevoland. In the same period I worked with a small team on re-profiling of the international department and its website for FORUM, Institute for Multicultural Development.

From 2007 to 2009 I was assigned as editor-in-chief together with an enthusiastic team to set up Fanack.com, an encyclopaedic website on the Middle East and North Africa.

In 2005-2007 I initiated the website Menassat.com for media development organization Free Voice. I also worked on an extensive training program ‘Investing in the Future’ for journalists and lawyers in the Middle East and North Africa, run by Free Voice and the Center for Defending Freedom of Journalists in Jordan. In 2006 I conducted for the Kids News Network an inception mission to establish a kids news program in Morocco.