Bio and Background

I am the co-production of a Dutch-German couple. In my early years I grew up in the United Arab Emirates, and in my teens I returned to The Netherlands. My childhood inspired me to study Arabic Language and Culture in Amsterdam. And I stayed there ever since.

With a family background in civil engineering and social work I was inspired to build bridges between people.
In my first career I focussed on journalism, writing books and media projects. When I perceived this profession as too static and solitary, I decided in 2008 to shift to working with groups: in education, training and facilitation. Connecting people, changing perspectives, and seeing the human being behind a person, that makes a difference to me.

I am fluent in Dutch, English and German. My French and Arabic are on professional working proficiency. My Spanish is basic.

Balance between body & mind = heart

I often notice that physical and mental fitness is underestimated. Living from the head makes that people easily loose the connection with their body and miss out on signals on how they feel, neglecting their heart.
That’s a waste, because human beings are more efficient and productive when their body and mind are in balance. For example, learning is best anchored when it is delivered in an interactive and/or playful way.

Stress management
A growing part of my work consists of stress management and trauma prevention. The majority of the groups and teams that I work with live and work in conflict areas or perform in international environments under high pressure. The importance of physical and mental fitness is here even more pressing. My background as a certified Critical Alignment Yoga teacher and certified TRE® Provider blends in naturally with my regular work as trainer and facilitator.

With yoga, I use technique, breathing and movement as tools to achieve inner strength, energy and tranquillity. Move within the limitations of the body to move more freely. Get grounded through exercise as the human mind is influenced by postures of the body.
With TRE® – Trauma or Tension Releasing Exercises – people are empowered to release physical tension on a deep level in their body. After 3-5 sessions, trainees can use TRE® as a practical tool at home to prevent trauma and chronic stress.

Read more about my work in the field of stress management.