Change Management

“She is cooperative and brings joy in the place.” – Fathiya Al-M.

“A warm open-minded and connecting woman. Her network and knowledge of the region facilitate the best learning process for the teams.” – Sylvia R.

“With her personality she manages to get many things done for us. She brings in new elements for learning, which we need so much. Nicolien’s understanding of Arabic is a big contribution to her work.” – Shiffa A.

“You connect people, you bring them back together” – Ali R.

Thank you for your confidence and support. It wasn’t possible to start our organisation without your help.” – Nadia S.

“We did important work for the organisation and the staff. We now know where our strength lies, how we can name it and apply it strategically.” – Ruqeya G.

Training & Coaching

“Nicolien is engaged and enthusiastic. She creates a safe environment and her sense of humour gives space. Her style of working is open, energizing and appreciative without losing content or nuances.” – Mohammad Ch.

“You learned me to be strong again.” – Amal G.

“She is a good listener, asks the right questions and has an outgoing and sharing personality.” – Nadia S.

“Respect Madam. You managed to get us silent, which is usually quit difficult. Your lessons are informative and entertaining.” – Hicham D.

“Training with you brings self-confidence. I feel I am developing myself, and the people around me feel it too.” – Layla B.

“Nicolien offers a good balance between theory and practice. Her intercultural experience brings added value to the coaching sessions.” – Abhijit Y.

“I’ll start being who I am.” – Ivan Sh.

Projects & Research

“You have a genuine interest in people, I think they sense that. You make people talk while listening carefully.” – P. S.

“What I appreciate about your stories is that they always start with the image of human beings, people. While reading, I notice that these people in other countries have way more in common with me than I thought at the beginning. It brings awareness.” – Tineke S.

“Good and clear storyline. Surprising perspectives.” – Herman S.

Food-for Thought dinners

“Food-for-though is a refreshing concept that stimulates hard work as if you are in an acceleration chamber, whilst enjoying good company and excellent food.” – Aik M.

“These Food-for-thought dinners are better than LinkedIn” – Atef H.