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Why short-sightedness regarding Libya is the biggest threat to Europe’s stability

Posted by on 30 okt, 2017

Since the European Union experiences migrants arriving at its shores, international policies towards Libya have become defined by keywords as ‘anti-terror’ and ‘stopping migration’. A plea for long-term plans.

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“What I learned from a mouse in the meeting room, a man in a wheel chair, improvisation and wisdom of the group.”

Posted by on 7 jun, 2017

After my training mission in Egypt with Arab social workers I received a mirror full with written statements about my qualities. Flattering. Yet, I had the feeling of dealing with 99 external challenges. This is what I learned.

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Ensaf Haidar: Fighting from abroad

Posted by on 25 mrt, 2016

Saudi Arabia is the most gender-segregated nation in the world. Although changes are happening, they go hand in hand with setbacks. The documentary Saudi Arabia: A Wind of Change? gives the country’s girl power a surprising voice. For example that of Ensaf Haidar, wife-turned-activist of imprisoned Saudi blogger Raif Badawi. ‘Evaluating the country’s developments is the task of governments and journalists.’

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Best Practice of Facilitation in Libya

Posted by on 26 jan, 2015

In the first half year of 2014 I worked on assignment in Libya for an European organization. Its request was to help a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), specialized in dealing with gender-based violence, in the capital Tripoli with its organization and team development. “You helped us looking at ourselves with new perspectives”, said one of the social workers.

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Appreciate the good things

Posted by on 16 nov, 2013

Former Libyan revolutionaries long back to the ‘golden days’ of 2011 when the majority of the Libyans were unified for a common cause. Though civil society organizations are mushrooming, their impact seems limited. Citizens say they suffer from depression and blame the government for doing nothing. “We Libyans need to appreciate each other again.”

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Libyans angry about over-armed society

Posted by on 11 nov, 2013

He is nineteen years old. He drives two and sometimes three cars, and wears Gucci glasses as fashion accessory. He was too young to participate in the revolution of 2011 as a rebel. He is glad that the revolution brought freedom to Libya. And he states one thing with emphasis: “Under Qaddafi you couldn’t talk about politics, but there was safety. I am angry because of the weapons everywhere.”

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