Food-for-Thought dinners

Food-for-Thought dinners:“For answers to questions”.

Together with Alwin Setija I invented the concept of Food-for-Thought dinners. We join forces with Alwin’s cooking skills and my facilitation expertise to make sure a team or a group enjoys a pleasant evening together while using the relaxed and creative energy to work on dilemma’s or questions the group has.

Food-for-thought are tailor-made dinners in homely atmosphere where the senses are stimulated in order to sharpen the mind. Our philosophy: enjoying good food together is based on two factors: the perfection of what is eaten, and the skills of those who eat. Dining together creates harmony and strengthens mutual cooperation. By facilitating a question in between the courses of the meal enables the participants to connect head and heart.

These dinners are tailor-made for clients upon request. Alwin Setija is an academic Sinologist with a passion for fusion cooking, bringing the different cuisines of the world together.