"Don’t say: ‘I have found the truth’, but rather: ‘I have found a truth’."

– Kahlil Gibran| The Prophet

Change Management

Contributing to processes of change within organizations, companies or societies brings out the best in me. Assignments have included organization development, team building and social issues and questions. Facilitating change through exchange, participation and social innovation, that is my strength.

Training & Coaching

My training experience is all-round: personal leadership, team building, effective communication, gender, cross-cultural sensitivity and Train the Trainer. I stimulate trainees to work from their strengths by creating awareness, acquiring skills and dealing with tensions. Investing in human capital, this is where change begins.

Writing & Research

As an Arabist I offer ‘clarity, context and fresh perspectives’ to the changing circumstances in the region. In 15 years of journalism and media I published in Dutch and European daily’s, weekly’s and monthly magazines and participated in international conferences. Storytelling presents us the human beings behind a narrative.

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Eén land: twee regeringen, twee parlementen en twee legers

How to interpret developments in Libya: one country, two governments, two parliaments and two armies.
4 December 2014. VPRO Radio 1, Bureau Buitenland. (Dutch)

Interpreting Libya’s explosive situation

Early revolution days in Libya, how to continue? 25 February 2011 TV program...

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Socio-economic perspectives in Algeria

Socio-economic perspectives in Algeria, and its relation with France that stating its...

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